OBX Bound

I am partial to our coastline. You will often hear me say, “We have the best beaches”. I will sneak off as often as I can, just to take a leisurely stroll, pick up a few shells and take in a deep breath of salty air. The best part about the beach is the feeling I get while I am there. There is a calmness unlike anything else I have experienced in my life. The beach is where I go when I need solace, when I need to find myself, when I need to shed some tears or leave my woes with a higher power.

I am a beach walker not a beach baker.

The cool foamy water stretching in, then pulling back out, the sound of sea birds, the cool breezes, and the sweet smell of salty air is very calming to me. For anyone like me, the best time to venture to the beach, is the ‘off season’ – not only do I benefit from ‘off season’ rates, the weather is much cooler and it is much less crowded.

This trip was all about getting that feeling in one last time before summer sets in. My only agenda, to get that cathartic feeling, take in a beach shore sunrise, and to visit our northern most lighthouse. I have lived in North Carolina for over thirty years and this is my first visit to Currituck Beach Light Station. The weather was perfect and just what was needed to recharge for the upcoming travel season. There are so many beautiful sites to take in, it is hard to do it all in a single weekend. If you are looking for some great travel destination ideas, check out our Outer Banks. You will not be disappointed! See you soon.

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