Summer Solstice

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We sure are in the dog days of summer where the humidity is almost unbearable. The days have been getting longer and longer, it’s hard to imagine that with the arrival of the Summer Solstice they are actually getting shorter. If we could turn the volume down a bit on the humidity, I would be perfectly content to keep summer around a little longer. Morning coffee sipped on the back deck, watching the sun rise. The birds waking up, starting their day, bouncing about, pecking the ground for worms. The harmony of birdsong along with the rooster crow makes my heart happy. Most evenings are spent there as well, waiting on the moonrise, watching dragonflies and keeping an eye out for the hummingbird that sometimes feeds late in the day.

As soon as the sun starts to make its way down the horizon, I look across the field, counting the number of deer grazing just beyond the tree line. The hottest days usually spawn pop up thunderstorms.

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You can feel the shift in the wind and catch a glimpse of sheet lightening as it approaches. I love watching a summer storm rolling in. The trees whipping in the wind, the low rumble of thunder, the clouds turning darker and darker. The smell of fresh rain once the storm finally arrives, dancing in the air. Once the storm passes, everything turns the greenest green, as if the pores of the vegetation opened up to absorb the moisture. The peepers come out in full force then, croaking up another storm. It is an endless parade of beautiful things, sit back and enjoy every moment.

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