Time To Sell

2005 – 14 years. That’s how long we have lived in our house. I didn’t realize we had been there that long. Time really does fly by. I have to say, we moved there for all the wrong reasons. It was a very emotional decision, brought on by the stress going on in our lives at the time. Hindsight is surely 20/20. Should have, could have, but didn’t. The fact is, due to the issues going on in our lives at the time of purchase, and throughout our time living there, it has never really felt like ‘home’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a good house, just not the right house for us. So, after 14 years, we have made the decision to sell. We have been tossing around the idea of moving for a few years now, in fact, last year, we started the process, got a little momentum going, even packed away our personal stuff, and had the house staged to sell. We had only these last few projects to knock out, and were considering it a ‘love it, or list it’ situation. For one reason or another, we lost our steam, thought we would learn to ‘love it’ and here we are a year later. The hardest part of a big project is actually starting. It can be overwhelming if you look at all the tasks at once, makes the chore seem daunting, unattainable. One of the projects that we kept getting stuck on is pulling up the laminate wood floors and putting tile down in the den/kitchen – open concept living space. We actually bought the tile over a year ago! This time it’s really going to happen and to prove it, we ripped up that old laminate flooring last weekend. We are back in the swing of things and have a goal to list by March of next year. Fingers crossed it sells pretty quickly. As we move along in the process, I will be posting updates, so stay tuned for our final fixer upper projects and pray that we can keep our sanity.

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