One Year Later

Today marks one year for our blog. Help us celebrate, read through the post and give us a like and share.

October 17, 2017 was the worst day of my life, a day I knew would eventually come, but one I never wanted to see. My worst nightmare come true. My only son committed suicide, and just like that, he was gone. The days and weeks that followed were a blur. At times it was all I could do just to get out of bed. Slowly I realized that I was not the one who passed and I needed to pull myself up by my bootstraps and figure out how to move forward. I decided I wanted to live, experience all the beauty in our world and take in as much as possible, because tomorrow is never promised. Every day is valuable and every day there is something beautiful to see. I was born to travel, but my pocketbook was not. I decided I couldn’t wait to retire but couldn’t afford to either, so …

August 27, 2018: I officially became PRE-RETIRED!

My goal, to collect as many beautiful things along the way as I possibly can. To be honest, I started this blog with the intention of making a little money on the side, hoping to build up until I can retire. I have learned that is easier said then done. Most blogs fail within the first year because of that very reason. I also learned that I really like writing so I keep this up for me. If I can inspire others along the way, that is my reward. I do love to see when I have a new follower, or when someone likes an Instagram or Facebook post. Gives me a little pick me up, which seems to help drive me forward. I do have word ads enabled, but over the course of a year, have not generated much from it. I would like to say it has paid the cost of site maintenance but it has not. So, if you are following me, thank you for being a part of my recovery process. I hope I have touched your heart in whatever way needed to keep you moving forward. I hope you too are learning to find something beautiful every day.

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