Festival Season

October is rapidly coming to an end. At the beginning of the month I had all these ideas for things to do but between laying tile, a trip to West Virginia for a family memorial service, and a work trip, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to do anything for fun. I haven’t even decorated for fall, and at this point, I think I am going to skip it! I miss all my lovely pumpkin décor but, with any luck, I will be able to enjoy them in a new home next year! Our work travel will be over after this week, so we will start on the final touches before we can list. Next week is Halloween and the costume I ordered for Scruffy came last week, I can’t wait to see how he will react and can’t wait to snap some funny pictures. He will probably want to tear it apart, it should be a lot of fun. This time of year there seems to be a festival every weekend which suits me just fine. I say I haven’t done anything fun, but I did find time to go to an annual mum fest with my daughter. I love the arts and crafts vendors and the food at festivals, but for me, it’s all about the experience, and living each day to the fullest. Not really much of a ride person, but I did get to sit on the new police motorcycle and of course, I found some new friends, a tiny dancer on stilts, and a silver woman playing the drums caught my attention this time. No local art came home, but the food was great, the bear claw beer tasting was better, and the company was the best!

This weekend, I am going to a local towns 1st annual pumpkin chunkin’ festival with some girl friends. These are the things I enjoy most, the unusual, small town events. You never know what you will find in Small Town, USA. [Read Last Year’s Post Here] The water cooler talk at work this week is all about how many days until Christmas, I am always shocked to hear it, but really there are only nine weekends to go! What! Are you ready? Heck, I don’t even have a list yet, let alone any ideas for gifts. It hasn’t even turned cold here yet. I am ready to break into my sweater collection! Next week I will most likely be carving pumpkins, has anyone ever baked pumpkin seeds from their pumpkins? And just so this is in the back of your mind, Halloween is the perfect time to start a batch of cranberry liqueur. [Find the recipe here] Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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