Pre Mardi Gras

I felt like I was on system overload this past week. There are so, so, many flashy, shiny things in New Orleans, the party never seems to end. I truly enjoyed staying here albeit just a short stint. Such a colorful town inside and out, the people in their costumes sing, dance, and play the most flamboyant jazz music I have ever heard. It immediately drew me in and I was lost in the endless parade of costumes and song. With every beat and every step you knew that the music and dance came from deep within the soul.

Listen Here

I don’t pack my camera on work travel trips but I sure did wish I had it this time. The culture in this city is amazing. From the beautiful French influence architecture down to the artistic eye of the graffiti along the roadside. Something to take in from every angle, everywhere something touches multiple senses. I didn’t try the king cake this time, but I did have my first ever beignet and I see why they are all the rave. The description of them in the magazine I picked up at the hotel does them no justice at all. The first bite of the fried, pieces of yeast dough, covered in powdered sugar goodness, had my inner sweet tooth junkie absolutely loving the experience. Being able to see, feel and taste Madi Gras was a bucket list item that I truly enjoyed checking off the list!