Living My Best Life

First trip out post COVID-19 after no real trips since last fall. Life sometimes gets in the way, we knew we were putting things on hold while we prepped our house to sell. That project took longer than expected, but we did meet our goal and list in the first quarter of 2020. We really thought it would sit on the market for a few months so we were stunned to get an offer in the first week! WOW!! It’s been a whirlwind ever since! We closed on our forever home the first week of March, and then the world turned upside down! We feel so fortunate that things turned out the way they did. Lady Luck was certainly on our side. If our closings got pushed off in any way, we would likely still be in our old home due to all the social distancing and stay at home orders. This is the craziest of times! I have never experienced anything like this! I am blessed to have the opportunity to work from home, I am so grateful for that. Many of my friends are not as fortunate. Work travel right now is banned, and if I go to the office, I have to have a mini health screening and temperature check plus wear a mask in all public areas. Conference calls are my life now, and Scruffy has become my coworker, sleeping on my feet, supervising. He has gotten some air time on a few calls, but everyone understands. We are all in the same situation. One of my customers had to excuse himself from a conference call to stop his kids from doing cartwheels in the house. I can’t tell you how many times others have been interrupted by their children. This is the new normal. My fall series shows are still pending, but I did get notification this week that one will plan on a virtual show. I truly expect others to fall in after that. This is our world now. North Carolina is in phase one of reopening, but even after we reach our final phase, I imagine the world will be a much different place. Throughout this whole process, we have embraced the grocery pickup, we have ordered items online, and have done without others, simply because we can’t find them, or we decided they simply were not essential and could do without. The strange thing is the lack of toilet paper. We have not been able to find any since the beginning of March. Last week, down to our last roll, we found a janitorial supply company selling cases online. Our case of sixty, individually wrapped rolls arrived yesterday. We will now have toilet paper until the next millennium! The worst part about all this is, I miss people. A few weeks ago I decided I would try the whole Facebook live thing. Never would I have imagined I would be recording myself live and posting it to Facebook! I am really enjoying it, makes me fell like I am there, in person with friends and family. Back in November, I signed up to be a Tastefully Simple independent consultant. I found it pretty much by accident, and since I love to cook, it was a pretty easy choice. My intentions are to build up a little side business to keep me busy once I am finally able to retire. It’s been a fun little side adventure, but the whole work from home, and shelter in place orders were making it harder to share my products with people. And so my live Facebook posts were born! I am really enjoying the process, it’s a learning experience for sure! Check out my party page here and make sure to hit the thumbs up like button! Moving and COVID really has changed my life. I’ve put my blog on the back burner for several months. I’m excited to be on the road today, and ready to get back to living my best life, in search of beautiful things along the way. Hit me up there too! See you soon! Stay safe my friends.