New/Old Hobby

I am suffering from CGAS!!! Can’t Go Anywhere Syndrome!!!! Although we have taken the RV out a few times this year, we have had to be extra careful in order to maintain our shelter in place and social distancing. We took the RV up to West Jefferson, NC. In order to ride ‘The Snake’ on our trike and we spent our 4th of July weekend at a very remote private campground. We were able to spend the weekend fishing and shared a cookout with another couple. We even took a boat out after dinner to watch the fireworks on distant shores! It was a great relaxing weekend outdoors, soaking up some much needed vitamin ‘D’ from the sun. So what am I complaining about then? Right? The best part about our lifestyle as weekend RV’rs is exploring new locations.


Our First RV Trip

I have so many things on my bucket list, but now is just not the time. So …. I have picked up a new/old hobby to help fill that void. Back when our children were younger, in school, clubs and various other activities, I was an avid scrap booker. TGIF back then was popcorn and a video (VHS rental) with the kids, and then I would stay up to un-GODly hours of the night putting together their scrapbooks. During that time, we even put together a time capsule that I still have waiting to open. One day we will. When we began having issues with our oldest child, my son, I put all those books aside. It was just too painful trying to work on these books of happy memories, with all the turmoil going on in our lives at the time. I never finished any of their high school books and when we moved this year, I gave our daughters their books, and packed up my sons, now sitting in a tub in our guest bedroom. Maybe one day I will open that tub and finish his books. Maybe, but that is for another time. There is another tub in that closet full of our travel memorabilia!!! After the death of our son, began a new journey for us as you very well know! That is how this blog was born! So what better time to pick up that old hobby! I am really very excited about getting back into scrapbooking and now that I know the direction I want to take with all of that memorabilia, I am back up late creating! So much has changed in the world of scrapbooking since I’ve been away it was hard to decide on the direction I wanted to take our travel books. After many hours of scrolling Pinterest, I decided our journeys need to be put together into the ‘junk’ style of scrapbooking. It just seemed to fit, and gives me a way to use up the paper and sticker stash I have accumulated. I am just about done with our very first RV trip together which just so happened to be a 4th of July weekend!

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