Life tends to throw you curveballs. You swing and miss sometimes, but you dust yourself off, and step up to the plate again. That’s what we are doing. We’ve been thrown a curveball, and we’re stepping up to the plate again. 2020 we moved into our dream home and then life as we knew it came to a screeching halt. COVID19 was a curveball for sure, working from home, grocery pickup, self quarantine, and zero travel. That is what we did, for an entire year, NOTHING! Thank goodness for our new place! Honestly, in our last house, we would have been right on top of one another, trying to work. Life would have been miserable. We made the best of it, and did our part, quarantining, staying at home, and going absolutely nowhere. Fast forward to 2021, and let’s skip spring all together, here we are, trying to piece back together our life. We were thrown a curveball in 2020, and have gone sort of radio silent ever since. Our PRE-tired life was changing and we had to regroup. One thing I know for sure, you better be willing to change course, because in life, there is always a curveball. Stay tuned as we reshape our life yet again. We will be back on the road soon, and there will be changes and adjustments, but one thing for sure that will remain is “Finding Beauty Wherever We Go” and we will be going every chance we get!

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