Therapy Dog

Scruffy has never met a stranger. He has become an important part of our family. He has a gift, he adopts people wherever he goes. He has never met a stranger. He has become the official mascot of the Roanoke chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Scruffy logged about 400 miles at the national rally this past weekend, riding the Blue Ridge Parkway again. I have a lot of anxiety riding with Scruffy in tow but he loves it! He hears those pipes and he perks up, he loves being part of the crowd which is funny because we shy away from it. He has adopted this group as his people and they love him. Everybody loves scruffy, and for us, it is all about #ScruffyAKAVerne, the Scrufster, Scruff Scruff, Knucklehead. Scruffy is two years old now and he we have come to accept him as part of our everyday life. Nothing is planned without Scruffy in mind. I love traveling with him. Even though we have to opt out of group dinners, and even outdoor buffets, so those not as dog oriented as us can enjoy, we love traveling with him. He is all dog. Our recent trip to Jonesville, NC had us pulling out at 8 am and traveling a good portion of the day. We were the tail of our group, traveling with two other bikes and an SUV. Our small group has adopted Scruffy as the official mascot. Travel days can be boring and long. I try to fill the time journaling, but that is almost impossible, since Scruffy still thinks he is a lap dog. He loves sitting in my lap, taking in the scenery. I wonder if he tries to keep track so he can always find his way home. The highlight of the day was taking scruffy swimming in the campgrounds swimming area. He is so much fun. I don’t fret about keeping him clean, I enjoy letting him be a D.O.G. When we check into our campsite for the weekend, the first thing on the agenda is to patrol the area. The first thing we found this trip was a little swimming hole, man-made as part of the RV park’s attraction. Scruffy just dove right in, cooling off from the day. I didn’t stop him. I even wished I could dive in with him to cool off. After his swim, he enjoyed a good shake and a roll in the sand. Thank goodness Scruffy is really easy to keep clean. Yes, after his romp in the water and his roll in the sand, there was a bit of ‘ode de dog’ smell, but a quick rinse off washes that all away. I love letting him just be a dog. It is one of the greatest joys in my life. The next best thing, is the joy that others seem to draw from Scruffy just being around him, he just has his way. He doesn’t have the official papers but, he is truly a therapy dog at heart. Everyone he comes in contact with seems to brighten just being touched by this dog. He is special, and I feel blessed to be a part of his mission. I am blessed to share his special gift with others. I love this dog. He is my salvation, my healer, the thing that brings me joy every day.

Blue Ridge Parkway 2020

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