Nature Is My Constant

Flipping though a journal of self reflection, I came across a page asking what do I value most in life? Sounds easy, right? I am struggling to answer this question. Often we answer this question how we ‘think’ we are supposed to answer, what we think other people want to hear. Or what we think society expects from us. I would like to think what I value most is NOT materialistic, but when I think of the word ‘VALUE’ my mind turns to ‘THINGS’, material things. I have subconsciously defined value as something of monetary worth. When I think of the importance, worth, or usefulness of some THING I put a value on what that thing might be. These ‘things’ are easy to list: House, Car, RV, Boat, Trike. I love my little Volkswagen Beetle, not very practical, but it makes me happy driving it. We just moved into our dream home, and we have more than enough play toys. But are these ‘things’ what I truly value in life? All these ‘things’ would mean nothing without my husband. Adding people to the list of what I value most in life is easy. Of course the children, grandchildren for sure! Digging a little deeper, if you take away the ‘things’ what you have left are the people you love the most, but let’s dig deeper. People can, and do go away, either by choice, or it is just their time. When they are gone, you are still here. So while we all value our loved ones, the value of what we love the most in life needs to be internal. There are plenty of things I like to do that are rewarding but still those are just things I like to do. I love nature. I love the seasons, the start of a new year, the first bloom in spring, the first cool fall evening, the first snowfall, a full moon, the warmth of the sun. These things truly excite me. Nature is my constant. It will always be there for me. The beach for solace and contemplation, the mountains for mystery and awe. Life in general, life finds a way. A new life, like trees blossoming in spring, only to shed the leaves come fall, but yet the tree still blossoms, year after year. Internal, spiritual, however you choose to view it, a higher power. The fact that life is constant. We are here yet a moment but life continues, like the tree blossoming in the spring, or the newborn baby. The awe of nature itself, beautiful things, these are what I value most in life, and beautiful things are all around us constantly!

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