Life’s Journey

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I truly miss writing. This is my outlet, it’s what helped me heal after the loss of my son, but I can’t remember the last time I planned out a blog post. My site came up for renewal last month and I honestly was about to pull the plug but something held me back, I’m just not ready to give this up. I NEED this! But … the fact is, my life has completely changed! How can I write about traveling and checking off bucket list items, when I barely have time to myself anymore? So much has changed. Nothing I am doing now seems to tie into My Pretired Life! My goals of putting a foot in every state and RV’ing every chance we get have taken a back burner to something far more important. I don’t want to publish the hows and whys because some things need to stay private for safety sake, but the focus of our lives has forever changed. So what could throw us such a curveball? What would make us completely change the focus of our pretirement years? This summer we officially became our granddaughter’s legal guardians. That’s our curveball. A beautiful curveball, but a LOT of life adjustments nonetheless. We have had to adjust our life to make sure she has a secure home and give her the best chance of a bright future. Truth bomb! It scares me to death! So what’s changed? The trike for one. Hubby traded it in for a road king. My bug was the next thing to go. After being rear ended with her in the backseat, I didn’t think twice about trading back into an SUV. Our guest bedroom converted into her bedroom, complete with unicorn bedspread and Pom Pom curtains. This is her home now. We even traded ‘up’ to a larger motorhome. So one thing isn’t changing, we will still be venturing out every chance we get, it will just be based around a school calendar. Not as spontaneous. Sites picked out in advance, with a focus on what will an eight year old be able to do. Sites picked closer to the playground instead of the farthest away! We aren’t paving the way for grandparents raising grandkids, but this will be a journey for all of us! I am not sure what the focus of My Pretired Life will be going forward, but I know it will help me through this next chapter of my life. I am ready for this new adventure!

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