We Are Listed!

Today is the day! Our MLS listing went live this morning. January 20, 2020! Our for sale sign was personally delivered by our realtor last night. When he placed the realtor lock on the front door, it seemed like a bit of a dream, but this is really happening! We have officially completed step one of our journey.

Step One: List our current home for sale by quarter one 2020.

Here we are, listed the first month of the new year. Fingers crossed that we can sell pretty quickly. After four hours on Zillow, we had 127 views and 4 saves. I am thinking that a lot of the views are people we have shared the link with, but maybe, just maybe, the new owner is among those views. It seemed as if it was taking forever to prep our house in order to put it up for sale. Looking back on the blog posts, ‘Time to Sell’ was posted August 26, 2019. Four months of blood, sweat and tears and here we are. We had company over yesterday, and hubbies favorite thing to say was he feels like we are living in a hotel. All our personal items are packed away, and even when you talk, there is an echo, because there isn’t much to absorb the sound. Everyone is curious what our plans are, where are we looking to go? The truth is, we have no idea! We have spent so much time to get to this point, that we haven’t really focused on what to do next. A friend pointed out that at least we have the RV just in case we have to get out quickly. Boy wouldn’t that be something?


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